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How does it work?
How does it work?

Teladoc Health’s world-renowned specialists can provide you with a second opinion to help you and your treating doctors make confident health decisions when you have questions about a diagnosis, treatment options, or the need for surgery.

Our team of international medical experts will review your case, define the diagnosis, treatment options and best next steps. Teladoc Health can review any medical condition, including:

  • • Knee, joint, and back pain
  • • Different types of cancer and tumours
  • • Digestive and stomach issues
  • • And any health condition causing concern

Requests will be processed Monday to Friday in AEST office time.

1. Request an Expert Medical Opinion

Submit your request or call Teladoc any time to trigger the start of the Second Medical Opinion service. A dedicated Australian-based GP will be appointed to support you throughout the process.

2. Intake call

Our GP’s will contact you to discuss your case in detail and then arrange for all of your medical records to be collected on your behalf. They will will write up a detailed summary of your medical condition.

3. Select the best specialist

Our clinical team hand-picks a specialist who is the most experienced and qualified for your specific condition.

4. Analyse the case

The expert reviews your case, the clinical summary and medical records. Once reviewed, they will write an in-depth report with advice on your treatment and diagnosis.

5. Review the report with the GP

We will send you the report and the GP will contact you to review the content in detail to ensure you understand all the details and next steps.

Expert Medical Opinion

How long does the Expert Medical Opinion process take?

On average you should receive your Expert Medical Opinion report within 15-20 business days after all the relevant medical information & reports are received by Teladoc. Whilst we try to acquire medical records as quickly as possible, this is sometimes out of our control, therefore the timeframes may vary.

Are there any costs associated with this service?

There is no charge to you or your family for this service. However, you may have to pay for faxing or mailing any completed information and consent forms to Teladoc. .

Will my local doctor(s) be familiar with Teladoc?

Teladoc has been operating in Australia for 12 years, so your local doctors may or may not be familiar with the service. If Teladoc needs to approach your doctor to request your medical records, they will fully explain the service. .

Which medical conditions do Teladoc cover?

All serious medical conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart problems etc and any other conditions causing members major discomfort such as chronic skin conditions & allergies, knee injuries etc. .

Please note: Emergency and dental conditions are not covered.

Do I need to make a claim to use the service?

No. Teladoc is separate from claims. You can use this service regardless of whether you have submitted a claim.

What reassurance does Teladoc provide regarding a members privacy?

Teladoc will not share any information other than informing you how many members have used the service. Teladoc will not share the details of the report or the nature of your enquiry with your insurer or employer.

Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can use this service?

No. This service is unlimited. You can use it as many times as you or your family need. We also want to ensure all your questions are answered. Even if you think of a few questions after your Expert Medical Opinion report has been emailed to you, please call us.

Do I need to visit the leading specialist?

No. The Teladoc’ medical team assesses your medical records and contacts the world’s leading specialist for a second opinion on diagnosis and recommended treatment. Your contact is always with Teladoc in Australia.

Isn’t asking for additional advice from Teladoc insulting to my doctor?

No, not in our experience. In fact, in the 30yrs that Teladoc has been operating we’ve found the opposite to be true. When patients choose to share the information with their treating doctors, the treating doctors who’ve worked with Teladoc have been delighted with the results. Many doctors already consult informally with other doctors on challenging cases. Treating doctors welcome the additional information that this service provides as their patient’s care is their number one priority.

How does Teladoc work?

It’s simple. If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition or a condition that is causing disruption to your daily life (eg chronic skin condition, knee injury etc) call Teladoc and you will be connected to the Teladoc team. We will guide you through the process, helping you to understand your options and enlisting world leading medical specialists to analyse your condition, giving you and your treating doctor information to make the best decisions every step of the way.

Service Hours

Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm

Excluding Public Holidays

Service Hotline

If you are an AIA Insured Customer,

please reach us at +65 6643 9195.

If you are an AIA Agent,

please reach us at +65 6643 9196.